be quiet! Silent Base 800 PC Case Review


What’s goin on guys, Jerry Neutron here and today we’re gonna take a look at this massive full tower case by be quiet!, this is the Silent Base 800.

Now this case is designed to offer silence optimized operation and air flow so if either of those are a priority than this may be the case for you.

So taking a look at the front of the case we can see there are silver accents running from top to bottom along with mesh grills to allow airflow into the case. The silver accents also come in black or orange depending on the version of the case you get.

be quiet! Silent Base 800

In the middle you have these faux brushed aluminum doors which are a little prone to fingerprints but give the case a nice look. The top door allows access to your 5 1/4″ bays and reveals some of the sound absorbing foam. The nice thing about the top door is that the hinge can be mounted on the left or right side.

If you release the bottom door you’ll find more sound deadening foam along with a dust filter. Removing the filter gives you access to two pre-installed 140mm Pure Wings fans.

If we move around to the back of the case you can see the rear I/O, 120mm exhaust fan, 7 PCI slots, bottom mounted power supply and a removable dust filter. The good thing about this case is all of the air flow is channeled towards certain areas which will help cut down on noise.

The top of the case gives you access to the power and reset buttons, along with 4 USB ports and a headphone & microphone jack. And at the rear you have exhaust ports for any top mounted fans. Again these are directed away from the user to help regulate noise.

Moving around to the side of the case we get access to removable silver feet – these also come in black if you get one of the other two models.

And removing the side panel gives us access to the goods.

be quiet! Silent Base 800

The side panel has sound deadening foam as well as a dust filter and 120mm fan mount to allow for additional airflow although it will sacrifice a bit of silence.

As for the interior of the case, it supports ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ITX boards.

There’s a pre-installed 120mm Pure Wings fan to help dissipate heat in the rear.

For drive space you get 3 5 1/4″ bays as well as two removable hard drive cages. For installing 3 1/2″ drives be quiet! provides these anti-vibration mounts which install onto your drive with thumb screws and then you simply slide them into the case and close the latch. 2 1/2″ drives are mounted on the underside of the drive cage with normal screws. Not my favorite mounting method but luckily there are other mounting options which I will cover later.

Also, you can install up to an 11″ graphics card with the hard drive cages installed.

Aside from that you get a large CPU cutout for mounting aftermarket coolers and rubber grommets for routing cables.

The power supply is mounted on the bottom and can have a 120 or 140mm fan installed next to it depending on the length of the PSU.

This case also supports up to a 280mm radiator at the top and unfortunately, only up to a 140mm radiator at the front. And for that you can think this guy which is non-removable. For a case this large, I’d like to see better front radiator support to really help draw-in that enthusiast crowd.

If we remove the top cover you can see the possible radiator or fan mounting options. Again for radiators you can fit up to 280mm and for fans, 120 or 140mm.

Behind the motherboard tray is where you will find two additional SSD mounts which I do wish were tool-less as well as various cable-tie points. I noticed that most cable-tie points were near grommets and that there wasn’t one to the right of the SSD brackets but I later noticed that be quiet! provides an optional cable hook which you can install with included 3M tape. Now I didn’t noticed this until well after the fact because I don’t read instructions so maybe they should just have that pre-installed in the next iteration.

Despite my issue, controlling cables is fairly simple as there is quite a bit of room behind the motherboard tray for cable routing.

I was a little bit surprised to not find a fan controller on the case given the amount of fan mounting options. Being that this case is optimized for silence a fan controller of some kind is a must.

Building in this case went fairly smooth. I was able to remove the hard drive cages for better airflow and relocate the smaller cage to the 5 1/4″ bay for my 1TB HDD.

Routing cables with a modular power supply was fairly simple and all of the grommets appear to be in the optimal position.

My micro-ATX board doesn’t really do this case justice as a full ATX board will sit just above the power supply.

be quiet! Silent Base 800

Also fitting a CPU cooler in this case should be pretty easy as it can accept one up to 170mm. As you can see the Dark Rock Pro 3 fits no problem.

Overall the case is a really solid option, especially for a first try from be quiet! and I’d really love to see a high-end workstation or water cooling build in it to do it justice (X99 anyone?).

And yes, with a little tweaking to the fan controls this case can be quiet!

Next, I’d love to see a more mainstream case from be quiet!. Maybe a mid-tower case with a tinted side window and similar internal layout, of course silence optimized. What do you guys think?

Is the Silent Base 800 the case for you or would you like to see something different? Let me know in the comments below.

be quiet! Silent Base 800

That’s about it guys. Thanks for watching! If you’ve found this video helpful or entertaining please be sure to throw me a like, don’t forget to subscribe for more similar content and until next time…see ya!


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