Budget Friendly IPS Monitor! | Acer H236HL bid

My new IPS monitor just came in, check it out! It’s the Acer H236HL bid.

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That is much clearer! Whats up guys this is JerryNeutron and I am back with a new camera and also…a new monitor.

This is the Acer H236HL bid. This is a 23 inch 1920x1080P IPS panel with a 5ms response time and 100 million to 1 contrast ratio.

It features a very thin bezel which some would say makes this a great multi-monitor option. Personally I’m not big on multi-monitor setups, I’d rather run a 21:9 monitor instead but whatever floats your boat. One thing you may want to be aware of though is that although the bezel is very thin, the screen does not extend to the edge of the monitor.

Also the monitor is glossy so if you’re using this in a well lit room prepare for lots of glare. For me, its not much of an issue unless you’re watching a dark scene in a movie or a video game or something like that.

The monitor installs on the stand pretty easily by screwing the base into the neck(?), we’ll call it and the screens drop on top of that. The stand isn’t very great and can get pretty wobbly. I kept checking to make sure everything was in place because it was so wobbly but I quickly learned that the stand just wasn’t that great. One cool thing about the stand though is that the base has a magnetic area just above this paper clip that you can use to stick things on for safe keeping. So I guess a +1 there on the productivity side.

The monitor buttons all reside underneath the bottom right side of the screen. Only the power button is labeled on the monitor itself and the rest are labeled on-screen. This can make it a little tricky when trying to navigate the menu options.

Looking at the side of the monitor you can see that it’s fairly thin, nothing too crazy and then on the back of the monitor you have several connectivity options. There is HDMI, DVI-D, VGA, an audio out for headphones, which will only work if you are using the HDMI port and then power for the power brick. You will notice that there is no VESA mount on the back so you do have to use the included stand, which offers limited adjustability. No height adjustment and between 5-15 degrees tilt adjustment.

Now as far as the display goes, I will say that I wasn’t blown away. This is my first IPS panel and from reading so much hype about them I was expecting to shed a single tear when I turned on the monitor for the first time or atleast a *heavy breathing*. The colors are definitely better but I guess I was expecting a more dramatic difference vs TN panels.

I will say though that when web browsing the whites were very…err white. I actually had to turn the brightness down a lot because it was so intense and I started getting a headache. But to easily see the difference between whites and light greys, things like that, was pretty cool.

In gaming I didn’t seem to notice much difference in going from my previous non-IPS, 2ms panel to this. There was no obvious lag or ghosting that stood out. I tried overclocking the monitor also and only got 66Hz @ 1080P out of it before the display began distorting. I had saw some reports of overclocking this monitor to 75Hz, I’m gonna have to assume that wasn’t at 1080P.

So in conclusion, I don’t like the shaky stand and while the colors aren’t bad in any sense, I was expecting more. Also some may not like the absense of a VESA mount but overall this monitor is a step up from what I had before. Provided there are no build quality issues with the monitor, I do see myself being satisfied for quite some time.

But that’s about it guys, don’t forget to like and subscribe and until next time…see ya!

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