GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-Gaming 5 Z97 Motherboard | Motherboard Upgrade Time!

What’s goin on guys, Jerry Neutron here and today, I wanted to show you a little something. This is not a review but I have grabbed the next part for my PC upgrade.

This is the Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 5 motherboard. Anyone that’s been following the channel for a minute will know that I started out with a budget build and have been slowing working up to a high end build. I plan on running an i7-4790K so I went for a Z97 board. I’m about $340 dollars short of having the 4790K and I don’t know when I’m gonna get it or how but at some point I will!

So I just wanted to show you guys the board real quick and some of the reasons I decided on grabbing this one.

So first off this is an ATX motherboard, Z97 chipset like I mentioned earlier and I really like the looks of this board. It’s got a black PCB, this red, black and grey color scheme which I think looks pretty sick. Both the VRM heatsinks and chipset have this red aluminum finish which looks super clean. The grey on two of the RAM slots is a nice touch as well.

GIGABYTE Z97X-Gaming 5

Functionality-wise I like that this board supports SLi and Crossfire. I don’t necessarily have any plans to run either one but I felt that it would be a good idea to be prepared just in case I happen to get two of the same cards for review *cough*Gigabyte*cough* so yeah

It’s also got an M.2 slot which I’d really love to test out. I’m sure running my OS off one would make things super snappy. There is SATA Express on the board as well but I personally care more about the m.2 slot.

As I mentioned earlier it supports SLi and Crossfire. The top two full size PCI-e slots are PCI-e 3.0 running at x16 and x8 and the 3rd one is PCI-e 2.0 running at x4.

And what else…it’s got 1, 2, 3 system fan headers as well as a CPU fan header and a watercooling fan header so that’s cool.

GIGABYTE Z97X-Gaming 5

As for audio it’s got a rear audio amplifier for your headphones, I probably won’t be using this since I have an external headphone amp, its got Nichicon capacitors and also one cool thing about this board is the audio area is separated from the rest of the PCB. If you look at the tan looking line, there’s actually a gap there and I guess the idea is to eliminate things like interference to help keep your audio clean.

Other than that there’s just the rear I/O, I had to get a motherboard that had optical out since that is how my headphone amp & dac connects. All of the analog audio ports are gold plated. Which I’ll be honest I don’t know which is which without the colors so I’ll be bustin out the manual if I ever need to connect anything back there.

It’s got a Killer E2200 ethernet port which is supposed to do certain optimizations for gamers…whatever. I just hope it doesn’t cause any issues.

There’s plenty of USB ports which is always welcomed because I have a ton of crap that I plug into my PC.

And yeah that’s pretty much it. I obviously can’t play around in the BIOS at the moment but from what I’ve read it seems like it’s pretty solid. I like the fact that I’ll be able to set a fan curve for my CPU fans and such since I love my silent PCs.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think about my upgrade plans. Did I pick a good motherboard? Comment down below

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