Loctek D7A Single Monitor Arm Review

What’s goin guys, Jerry Neutron here and today we’re gonna take a look at this single monitor arm by a company named Loctek. Now, they also make dual, triple and quadruple arm mounts but the one we’re taking a look at today is their D7A model which is made for single monitors between 10 and 27 inches.

So, let’s get everything out of the box and see what we’re working with…

So first impression, this thing is pretty solid! And it’s made from aircraft grade aluminum so I don’t see durability being a factor at all.

Also the base of this thing is pretty cool because it has a USB 3.0 port as well as mic & audio jacks. I’m a big fan of this because it’s a good place to charge my phone or connect an external hard drive OR if I had a mod mic, I wouldn’t have to run it all the way to the back of my computer.

Adjustment-wise, you’ve got two separate arms with 90* swivel rotation. Each arm also has these plastic pieces for cable management. They do kind of feel cheap in comparison to the rest of the unit but not a huge deal. You also get 90* of swivel at the joint just before the ball joint which will allow you to kinda fine tune your monitor placement.

Now at the ball joint, you have a VESA mount which supports either 75×75 or 100x100mm mounting holes. The ball joint also allows you to set your monitor in landscape or portrait mode which is nice as well as give you up to 15* of tilt.

The top arm even gives you height adjustment. All you have to do is fine tune the gas spring once your monitor is mounted by adjusting this screw and then you can choose your monitor height.

Loctek D7A Single Monitor Arm Mount

Now by default my monitor does not have a VESA mount so I’m going to be using this adapter. It did not come with this monitor arm and has no relation to the company so I just wanted to make that clear before we move on.

Anyway, once the monitor is mounted you can see how easy it is to adjust the monitor height and how it doesn’t move once it’s in place. Seeing how solid it is here really makes me regret not buying a monitor with a VESA mount. If I had it connected directly to the back of the monitor it would be rock solid. (*max monitor weight = 19.8lbs)

Now on the other end of this, installing the arm to your desk is either done by this clamp, which is the route I’ve gone or you can permanently install it by drilling a hole in your desk and using what they call the “grommet” method.

So once the monitor is mounted and the arm is in place from there you can fine tune it’s placement by adjusting the swivel and height. I still need to sort out the cable management but initially it looks pretty good. It’s also nice having a monitor that’s at eye level without the need for a monitor stand and this looks much cleaner IMO.

So overall I’ve been pretty impressed with this monitor arm. It’s got a solid construction, plenty of adjustability and I think it’s a little overkill for a home setup honestly. This is something I would expect to see in a corporate environment where durability is more of a concern as opposed to a home office. Price-wise it’s going to set you back a little bit, I think that’s the only real negative here but if you either A) want something premium to hold your expensive G-Sync or FreeSync monitor or B) you need this for an office environment then this model is definitely something you should consider.

So let me know what you guys think about this monitor arm down in the comments below. Is this something that you would consider purchasing or is there something out there that does what you want for less?

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