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What’s goin on guys, Jerry here and today we’re gonna take a look at another optical gaming mouse. This is the Logitech G502 Proteus Core. The first ever spaceship to double as a mouse.

They call this the tunable gaming mouse and it’s got quite a few features that allow you to do just that which we will get into in a moment.

On the left side of the mouse you’ve got your thumb buttons which are nicely sized and I’m not sure if it’s just me but I kinda wish they were moved forward just a bit. I feel like that would make pressing the G4 button a little more comfortable.

Logitech G502

There’s also a sniper button which when pressed will automatically switch to the lowest DPI setting configured in the Logitech software. For instance I game at 800DPI but when holding the sniper button sensitivity will switch to 600DPI, which is my lowest setting. Now admittedly I’ve not used this a single time during gaming but it’s nice to have…I guess.

There’s also a nice rubber grip towards the bottom left which allows you to hold the mouse firmly and DPI indicator LEDs which track up to 5 sensitivity settings.

On the right side of the mouse there isn’t much to see other than another large rubber grip but the rubber is actually pretty nice. Some of the nicest I’ve encountered on a mouse so far and it really helps the mouse feel secure in your hand.

On the rear of the mouse we’ve got a black stripe separating the rubber grip on the left from the plastic housing of the mouse. Which is pretty much what this mouse is constructed of minus the rubber. Still, I’d put this slightly above the DeathAdder in terms of build quality. We’ve also got a blue illuminated G logo. You can’t change the color of the lighting but you do have the option to set it to a breathing mode or disable it altogether. Unfortunately the G502 suffers from the same issue as the Chroma in that the lighting is not that intense, even at it’s brightest settings and you really have to look at it head on to get the full effect.

Logitech G502

At the top of the mouse we have quite a few buttons. Of course you have your left and right click buttons which I believe are using OMRON switches rated at 20 million clicks. The G8 and G7 buttons to the left of the left click are there for on the fly DPI adjustments. It’s not my favorite location for these buttons as I found myself accidentally pressing them when I first got the mouse. I am glad though that this mouse has dedicated buttons for sensitivity adjustments. Towards the middle of the mouse we have a profile switch button which will allow you to select between 3 on-board profiles thanks to the 502’s 32-bit micro-controller. And lastly we have a scroll wheel lock which will allow you to choose between fast or click to click scrolling and the scroll wheel itself.

As for the scroll wheel, it’s easily the worst feature of this mouse. When scrolling the sound resonates through the entire front half of the mouse and is just unpleasant and unnecessary. The scroll wheel also allows for side to side clicking but honestly it just introduces slop into the wheel. When gaming and trying to middle click I often found myself rolling the wheel instead of pressing it resulting in my very frustrating death. I won’t harp on it too long but yeah, not a fan.

Logitech G502

If we flip the mouse over we can see the Pixart 3366 optical sensor and some rather thin looking feet which I’ll have to keep my eye on. One of my favorite things about this mouse though, is that if we remove the magnetic cover we can add weights to tailor the feel to our preference. The mouse itself weighs 121 grams and you can add up to 5 3.6g weights. The mouse by itself was a little light for my tastes so I run with 4 of the weights and it feels quite sturdy.

Aside from all that you get a black braided cable and that’s pretty much is as far as the construction of the mouse.

From a looks perspective, not really a fan of the mouse. I’m not big on the spaceship/storm trooper gamer trend but functionally I can’t really complain, minus the scroll wheel. It feels good in my hand, the sensor is accurate and the build quality is decent.

Logitech G502

Logitech does also include software with their mouse which allows you to customize it further. You can assign buttons, change your DPI sensitivity or polling rate. You can tune the sensor to your surface to ensure accuracy which I am a fan of and you can switch between on-board profiles or preset game profiles. There’s also other things like lighting settings, macro configurations and a key press heat map. I do wish it had an on-screen display when cycling through the DPI buttons though. But overall a straight forward software experience.

And that’s pretty much it as far as the G502 goes. Not a perfect mouse but still pretty good. Let me know what you guys think about the mouse down in the comments below.

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