Rosewill Neutron Mini-ITX PC Case Review | Budget Mini-ITX Gaming Case

What’s goin on guys, Jerry Neutron here and today we’re gonna take a look at a case with probably the best name of all-time. This is the Neutron, a simplistic, cube shaped case for mini-itx motherboards.

As a budget oriented case targeted towards gamers, this should interest those who are looking to build a smallish single GPU rig.

Rosewill Neutron

At the front of the case we are greeted with a removable mesh and dust filter combo as well as an optical drive bay. Just underneath the mesh grill there are two included 140mm LED fans, more on those later.

On the left side of the front panel you have your power and reset buttons along with headphone and mic jacks.

On the right side there are 4 USB ports, two of them USB 3.0. It’s nice to see they included 4 ports on this case which should be standard for cases these days but unfortunately is not.

If we move over to the right side panel you can see a mesh grill towards the rear. This is actually the intake for the power supply and features a magnetic dust filter.

The left side panel features a clear window towards the upper half which will likely show off any full sized graphics card that you run in this case.

Taking a look at the top panel you will find a honeycomb grill which has mounting points for two 120 or 140mm fans as well as a removable dust filter. Rosewill says it supports 240mm radiators at the top and front but I’m almost positive you can fit a 280mm rad up top with some simple modifications.

Looking at the backside of the case you can see the included 140mm fan, two PCI slots, rear I/O, a 120mm fan mounting location and a removable bracket for installing your power supply.

Moving on to the inside of the case, the first thing you’ll notice is the motherboard is horizontally mounted. I kinda like this position a little better for smaller cases because it allows you to show off your graphics card.

The motherboard tray is removable as well so that should make installation of certain components a little easier.

Underneath the motherboard tray is the hard drive cage, which is removable as well. It’s nice to have modular components but the drive cage seems to interfere with two of the rubber grommets. I’m not sure what the thought process was here as you can’t really route any cables through the grommets with the drive cage in place.

Rosewill Neutron

Overall the interior of the case is pretty simplistic and there is tons of room for airflow however all 3 140mm fans come with 3-pin and molex connectors. Why you’d want 3 140mm fans blasting at full speed is beyond me. This thing is LOUD without a fan controller so I’d love to see them do something about that in future versions.

Aside from cable routing, I didn’t seem to run into any snags building in this case. As you can see from the finished build, a modular power supply with shorter cables would definitely look a lot cleaner as there isn’t anywhere to tuck them away.

I’d also like to see the motherboard tray extended to just in front of the intake fans for a more tidier look as you can still see the bottom compartment through the side window from certain angles.

Turning on the system you’ll notice the two intake fans light up red to fulfill that “gamer” aesthetic. I don’t mind them as it helps an otherwise basic case standout but I’d much rather have PWM fans over LED.

Rosewill Neutron

As for a final verdict, I’d say overall this is not a bad case for it’s price point but it could definitely benefit from a few revisions.

So that’s about it guys, let me know what you think about the case down in the comments below.

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