Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

What’s goin on guys, Jerry Neutron here back with a brand new video and today on the review table we have this baby here which is the Poseidon Z RGB mechanical keyboard. And this is from Tt eSPORTS which is actually a division of Thermaltake if you’re not familiar with that particular brand. But they sent this out to me so we’re gonna take a look at it, see if it’s worth the price and if it’s something that you should pick up so let’s go ahead and get into it, right now!

So let’s start with the look of the keyboard, you’ve got an all plastic housing, modern design so no huge “gamery” bezels which I hate! It’s got a nice overall simple and clean look.

If we flip the keyboard over you can see the raised feet along with some bump stops to keep the keyboard planted and prevent it from sliding around your desk. There’s also some cable routing paths for the rubber cable which is not removable. I don’t really care that the cable is not braided but I’d like it to be removable. I like to disconnect my keyboard and move it out of the way when I’m cleaning or shooting videos so its unfortunate that you can’t just unhook it and just set it to the side somewhere.

As far as the keycaps go, they’re just standard ABS plastic. You get media shortcuts across the top on the F keys. I used to want dedicated media keys really bad but once I started upgrading my audio that really became a non-issue for me since I had volume knobs within an arms reach. But aside from that you also have brightness adjustments for the LEDs, 5 profile keys over on the Insert, Home and Page Up area, an N-Key Rollover button as well as a button in the top right corner which allows you to switch between a normal and gaming mode which basically just disables the Windows key.

No standard bottom row so you’ll probably have some trouble looking for a custom keycap set if you’re looking to go that route which is unfortunate. Personally I tend to get bored with how my keyboard looks so it’s nice to be able to switch it up every now and then but we’ll see if maybe the RGB lighting will be able to fulfill my customization needs.

Poseidon Z RGB

Underneath the keycaps you’ll find blue or brown Kailh switches. The blue ones are what I have on this keyboard and they provide a nice tactile response with an audible click. Compared to Cherry MX blues they feel just a hint heavier on the actuation force but I don’t think it’ll really matter in day to day usage as the difference is minimal. The important part is there doesn’t seem to be a huge variance in the feel of the switches.

There’s also an audible difference too, here’s how they sound in comparison to Cherry MX Blues.

(first sound test)

So as you can see these aren’t exact copies of Cherry MX Blue switches but after using the Blue Kailhs for a little bit I do feel better about purchasing a keyboard with them in it.

But anyway, this review wouldn’t be complete without a typing test so here’s a little sample of the switches by themselves.

(second sound test)

Alright let’s talk about lighting because that’s probably the reason why you’d wanna buy an RGB keyboard in the first place. This one has several lighting features and they’re actually pretty impressive. Some of them are seizure inducing but if look at it from a technological standpoint it’s pretty damn cool. So you can customize the color of each individual key which allows for some pretty intricate combinations. There’s also several effects you can do like fully backlit…pulsating…spectrum circling…reactive…arrow flow…wave…and ripple. You can also color certain sections of the keyboard if you wish. You don’t HAVE to do cheesy lighting effects, you can enable the fully backlit mode and change ONLY the hotkeys for a program you use to different colors. That’s probably how I would use it if you’re not into the crazy lighting. But overall the good thing is you have plenty of options and the LEDs are nice and bright which is NOT the case for a lot of RGB products.

Poseidon Z RGB

Now let’s quickly talk about the software because that left a little bit to be desired. First off, it’s pretty buggy and it seems like it may have some compatibility issues with Windows 10. The first screen here where it looks like you can change key assignments basically does nothing unless there’s something I’m missing. The only thing that I can get to work on this screen are the tabs at the top which switch your profiles, that allows you to save several lighting and macro configurations and then the tabs on the right which is where you set your macro and lighting options. I also encountered a pretty annoying issue where I would hit apply to load my lighting configuration, the LEDs would turn off on the keyboard and then nothing would ever actually apply so I was left with a functional keyboard but with the backlighting completely disabled. And that triggered a game of trying to factory reset the keyboard, restart the computer and re-install the software so it would be nice if they would iron out the bugs.

So in conclusion, this is a pretty solid keyboard but the software needs some work. Regardless I think most people will be satisfied with the Poseidon Z, don’t let the Kailh switches scare you off and at least for the immediate future I’m going to continue to use this keyboard full-time.

Poseidon Z RGB

So that’s about it guys, if you made it this far leave the comment Purple Rain down below, don’t forget to leave a like if you enjoyed this content and for anyone interested, I do have a One Plus X review coming up soon so make sure you are subscribed to be notified of when that goes live….anddddd I’m probably gonna get some sleep now so until next time…see ya!

Poseidon Z RGB (Blue Switches) | Poseidon Z RGB (Brown Switches)
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