be quiet! Power Zone 650W PSU Overview


What’s goin on guys, Jerry here and today we’re gonna take a quick look at the 650W Power Zone PSU by be quiet!.

This particular line is targeted towards gamers and enthusiasts who want a nice compromise between power delivery, clean cable management and value. Now be quiet! was kind enough to send this out to me so let’s take a look at the unit itself and it’s components.

So right off the bat, you’ll notice it comes in this nice be quiet! branded carrying pouch to protect the unit during shipping. You probably won’t ever see it again once you install the unit but I think it’s a nice touch.

And pulling the power supply out of the pouch we can see it’s solid black all around, minus the be quiet branding and it kinda has an industrial look to it. It’s a rather large unit as well measuring 175mm at it’s longest point so you should definitely confirm your case can accept a power supply of this size before purchasing.

Looking at the top of the unit you’ve got your label info showing the max power and current, etc. As you can see this unit provides up to 54A on a single 12V rail.

On the other side we’ve got a nice 135mm SilentWings fan with a grill covering it, the max power of the unit – which comes in 650, 750, 850 and 1000W varieties and the be quiet! logo.

be quiet! Power Zone 650W

And on the side of the power supply we have more of the industrial look along with the Power Zone branding in grey.

Now if we take a look at the back you’ll see a mesh covered area for airflow and the plug port and on/off switch.

be quiet! Power Zone 650W

And lastly, the cable side. As you can see its a fully modular power supply which should help tremendously with cable management since you will only install the cables you need. You also have the option of going with aftermarket cables which will add a nice touch of customization to your build.

One thing I like about this power supply is you can install up to 3 fans directly to it and it will thermally throttle their speed for a more silence optimized operation.

be quiet! Power Zone 650W

As for cables, be quiet! provides these nice black and orange sleeved ones, minus the fan cables which are black & white. I’ll put a list of the connectors on the screen so you can see all of what is included. The cables are plenty long as well with the longest measuring 115cm so you should have no issues installing these even in a full tower case.

You also get a manual, screws & zip ties and an AC power cable.

Now there are a few things to note regarding this power supply:

-First is in terms of efficiency, this power supply is more closely matched to the 80 PLUS Silver certification than bronze so don’t be thrown off by the 80 PLUS Bronze badge, it’s right on the line between the two.

-Second is this has support for the Haswell platform and it’s power down modes.

-It does not have a hybrid mode which turns the fan off at low loads and because of that it isn’t the quietest unit, especially at high loads but its noise is likely to be drowned out by case fans or graphics cards.

-Also it has a Cool Off feature which lets the fan continue to spin for 3 min. after system shutdown to allow your PSU components to cool.

-And lastly it is SLi/CrossFire ready although you’ll probably want to step up past the 650W unit if you’re using two power hungry cards just for a little leeway.

And that’s pretty much it for this power supply, links will be in the description if you wanna read more about it.

Don’t forget to like this video if you’ve found it helpful or entertaining, be sure to subscribe for more content and until next time…see ya!

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be quiet! Power Zone 650W


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