Customize Your Mechanical Keyboard (Keycap Replacement Guide)


If you’ve got a mechanical keyboard and you’re looking for some ways to spruce it up a bit then stay tuned!

What’s goin guys Jerry here and today I’m gonna show you some ways to customize your mechanical keyboard. Now you do have some options when it comes to this like painting or replacing the case or soldering in some new switches or LEDs. But we’re gonna stick to the simplest and most popular option which is replacing the keycaps.

So in order to do this you’re going to need a few things:

-First of course is a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX compatible switches, I’m using a CM Storm QuickFire TK.
-Second is a keycap puller to remove the stock keycaps.
-And lastly, some new keycaps.

As you can see there are several kinds that you can choose from which I will go over in a minute.

So to get started, you’ll want to remove the stock keycaps from your keyboard. Now this can take a little bit of time so get comfy while you work. This is also a good time to clean out your keyboard and get rid of those 2 month old cookie crumbs.

Mechanical Keyboard Keycap Replacements

To put the keys on, you simply line up the keycap with the mount and press down firmly. While you’re putting them on you’ll probably be tempted to do this which will make this take so much longer but that’s okay.

Mechanical Keyboard Keycap Replacements

Repeat this process several times and then you’ll have your finished product. If you’re wondering these are DCS Translucent blue keycaps and these along with all of the keycaps in this video can be purchased from Signature Plastics at They have keycaps that you can purchase outright but they also do group buys, Massdrop style for custom sets. I’ll put a link below in the description so you guys can check them out.

DCS Translucent Blue Keycaps

Now if you’ve been paying attention you probably noticed I’ve got quite a few keycaps laying around so we’re gonna put them all on and you guys let me know which you think look the best.

Next up are these DSA PBT blank keycaps. These sort of remind me of an old typewriter but I like em. They’re nice and thick and have a textured top, they seem like they’re really durable and should last quite a while.

DSA PBT Blank Keycaps

Btw if you want to make things easier on yourself, grab a keyboard with standard sized keys and you won’t have to compromise your design.

Now if you’re into a more simple and functional design these may be for you. These are DCS double shot ABS keycaps. Basically double shot keycaps are two separate layers that are molded together. The good thing about them is that the legend will never fade or wear so if you’re looking for durability these are a good option.

DCS Double Shot ABS Keycaps

And the last one I have for you guys is this Midnight keycap set. These are also DCS doubleshot ABS keycaps. I think I’m gonna stick with these as I really like the color contrast and the modifier keys like this wolf and coffee mug. The tops also have a slight texture to them to give your fingers something to grip onto.

Midnight Keycap Set

So that’s about all I have to show you guys. Once again links to these keycaps are in the description and don’t forget to tell me which set you like best down in the comments below.

If you’ve found this video helpful or entertaining be sure to throw me a like and subscribe and until next time guys, see ya!

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All modifications were made to a CM Storm QuickFire TK mechanical keyboard.

Cooler Master CM Storm QuickFire TK


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